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Bulldogs Away!! - Modern Fast Attack Craft Rules, 1950-2010

Bulldogs Away!! - Modern Fast Attack Craft Rules, 1950-2010
Author: David Manley
Pages: 36
Dimensions: 8.5x11x.2"
Restockable: No
Mfg. part #: AA-015
Type: Softcover


The rules are for the recreation of small naval engagements with Fast Attack Craft such as missile boats and smaller warships, mainly in coastal waters. The period covered runs from the late 1950’s onwards, and allows also for the use of aircraft and helicopters.

An important aspect of the rules is that the units can start as unidentified “blips”, which might be dummies, and there is a simple detection and identification system that changes the status to “contact” (detected as an enemy vessel) and “target” where the model is deployed. If you can get out of radar “sight” then you can revert to “blip” status again.

The shooting system allows for guns and missiles of various types, and damage is recorded in a graded system with 5 states from intact to sunk. Vessels can take Special hits when damaged which further degrade their ability. There are simple rules for operating helicopters from ships, as well as rules for anti aircraft fire with guns and missiles.

There are also additional rules for unconventional craft, mine warfare and operations against coastal targets.

They are rounded off with extensive data tables for missiles, torpedoes, guns, rockets, SAM systems, Air to Air missiles, ships, helicopters and aircraft. (There are 140 sets of ship data from over 40 countries).

recommended scale 1/600, 1/700
complexity: 6/10
level of detail: 5/10
avg game length 2 hours
dice required: D20, D10, D6