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Assault on Sevastopol - Von Manstein in the Crimea

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Assault on Sevastopol - Von Manstein in the Crimea
Category: War Games
Sub Category: Popular War Games
Author: Adrian McGrath
Publish Year: 2009
Dimensions: 6x9x.3"
Restockable: No
NKG part #: 2148753473
Type: Ziplock
Series: #3

Assault on Sevastopol - Von Manstein in the Crimea


Assault on Sevastopol is a two-player game recreating Erich von Manstein’s attempt to clear the Crimean peninsula and seize the key port city of Sevastopol as a prelude to Germany’s 1942 summer offensive in Ukraine – the roads to which would lead to the fateful battle of Stalingrad. The Germans are attempting to clear this enemy bastion on the Black Sea and free up their forces for the great offensive to the north. The Russians are desperately trying to hold out as long as possible, falling back on great defensive terrain and strong fortified positions, hoping to delay the German invaders and extract as high a price as possible from them for the capture of Sevastopol.

But the Germans has prepared for this campaign. With complete air superiority, the Luftwaffe (German Air Force) relentlessly attacks from the skies, while special super-heavy siege artillery was slowly and carefully brought in and assembled expressly for this operation. It’s a hard-fought matter of time, distance, and attrition as you recreate the Assault on Sevastopol.

Game Components:

One 4-page, color instructions booklet
40 color, die-cut two-sided 5/8” mounted game pieces
One 11” x 17” color game map with tables
One 2-page sheet of historical, designer, and developer notes
One 4-page, color BATTLESSON booklet

Number of Players: 2
Ages: 12 and up
Playing Time: approx. 45 minutes
Complexity: 3
Solitaire Suitability: 9
Scale: Each unit is 1 regiment, brigade, division, or battle group, each hex is 3 kilometers, and each turn is 3 days