#8 "Ink Magic, Legends of the Golem, R.A. Salvatore Interview"

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#8 "Ink Magic, Legends of the Golem, R.A. Salvatore Interview"
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The mysteries of ink magic, the power of extradimensional monsters, and the joy of bar brawls, KQ8 has it all!

This issue also features articles on medieval medicine, an Ecology of the Golem, an indestructible new PC race, and we even provide dozens of warlord battle cries for the 4E gamers.

Not to mention the interview with R.A. Salvatore, the new flagellant prestige class, clever swords, a fiendish set of traps, and the Cults of Zobeck!

KQ #8 also provides you with our finest Map of Fantasy ever: the icy Frostrift awaits your DMing skills or offers a challenge for any explorer!

Pick up KOBOLD Quarterly #8 today, and enjoy a better game tonight!


The Ecstasy of Ink
by Joshua Stevens
Horrors from the 5th Dimension
by Tim Connors
Legends of the Golem
by Ross Byers
Interview: The Brutal Honor of R.A. Salvatore
Medieval Medicine
by Phillip Larwood
Smarter than the Average Sword
by John E. Ling

And much more:

Tossing Kegs and Smashing Chairs
Traps of the Mind
Roachlings: Indestructible New PC Race
4E Warlord Battle Cries
The Flagellant
Book Reviews
Bolt & Quiver Cartoon by Stan!
Maps of Fantasy: The Frostrift Oracl
The Free City: Cults of Zobeck

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