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Apocalypse Z

By: Mongoose Publishing

Type: Softcover

Product Line: Flaming Cobra

MSRP $19.95

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Apocalypse Z
Product Line
Kermit Beirut, Jason Hyland
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The future is a dark one as the dead have risen to feast upon the living. Cities have been shattered, neighborhoods torn apart, and humanity is hanging on by a thread.

Massive hordes of zombies gather under the control of Overlords, zombies that have retained some of their memories and intellect, and have gained powerful psychic abilities driven by their hatred of man.

Pockets of civilization exist around the globe; centered around dynamic heroes whose leadership and prowess in battle spur the populace to fight back and even rebuild.

Whose side will YOU be on?

Apocalypse-Z is a supplement for Battlefield Evolution and allows you to play tabletop battles ranging from small skirmishes to outright wars between zombies and the remnants of mankind.

Inside you will find:

stories describing the outbreak of the zombie plagues and humanities struggle for survival against a seemingly implacable enemy,
new Advanced rules for this ravaged world,
new Traits that capture the feel of zombies and their hunger for the living,
2 detailed army lists; The Zombie Hordes and The Enclave, a human force in the Northeastern Unites States,
a modeling and terrain guide,
5 scenarios in which to test your combat abilities,
several “Short Attention Span” guides to make playing Apocalypse-Z easy.

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