7th Armored Infantry

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7th Armored Infantry
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The men of the famed Rifle Brigade are integral part of the 7th Armoured Division providing hard hit mobile infantry to keep pace with the armoured regiments. They are armoured in M5 half-tracks, which provide them with an element of protection from enemy small arms fire.

The other infantry elements of the 7th Armoured Division were supplied by the 131 Queen’s Brigade. They were part of the division, but were organised as an infantry Brigade. They were used to hold terrain and to follow-up the fast moving mobile elements of the divisions.

Both types of 7th Armoured Infantry habitually wore their GS (General Service) cap, a beret like hat, and were not always seen in their helmets. Another habit these veterans engaged in was to wear their webbing pouches up on their chests, rather than around their waists. This was to improve their prone movement where the pouches are less likely to get snagged.

In Flames Of War

Inside the pack you will find enough miniatures and bases to make a Motor Platoon from page 56 of Villers-Bocage or a Rifle Platoon from page 59 of Villers-Bocage.

The Motor Platoon is mounted in M5 half-tracks (BR201) has four MG teams, a PIAT team and a Light Mortar team. The MG teams provide plenty of firepower (a total of 12 dice if stationary), a PIAT for anti-tank defence, and a light mortar for smoke.

The Rifle Platoon travels on foot and has six Rifle/MG teams, a PIAT team and a Light Mortar team. The six Rifle/MG team also provide good firepower (a total of 12 dice if stationary), but it is spread over a larger number of teams. The larger number of teams give them more staying power than the Motor Platoon, though the Motor Platoon’s fire in more concentrated.

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