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Starter Box

By: Kraken Editions

Type: Minis Box Set

Product Line: Alkemy - Aurlok Nation (28mm) (Kraken Editions)

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Starter Box
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Minis Box Set


Imagine vast green meadows, huge tracts of land decorated with fire-colored canyons, green hills, windy mountains and forests that are so thick and lush that sunlight itself has trouble piercing through... You have just entered the Aurlok territory: Oblaye Itse - the yellow-blue plains in the Aurlok language. You have just entered the vastest territory of Mornea.

Oblaye Itse is a country with a myriad of flourishing flora and fauna. It provides the Aurloks with everything they need to survive and they in turn provide affection and security to all living things in Oblaye Itse; from the smallest flower to the thundering herds of Aurochs that dwell there.

But Oblaye Itse also has everything to arouse the greed of its neighbors. Its valleys are rich in natural resources, including abundant Alchemical stones. More than anyone, the Avalonians would love to annex parts of Oblaye Itse into their own territory.

The Aurloks are largely organized into nomad tribes, following the rhythm of the seasons and the migrations of the animals they hunt. They are generally a peaceful people, but do not underestimate them for this appearance! Their war-songs can echo as quickly as a thunderstorm in the summer. The Aurloks then become savage and merciless warriors whose wrath is guided by their totems: the Manitous.

The children of Aurlokan have a very close relationship with the Manitous. Each newborn is placed under the patronage of one of these animal spirits. The child’s physical shape, behavior and skills are then influenced by its Totem as it grows.

The Aurlok Nation Starter box contains everything that you need to start playing:

A warband of 5 unpainted unassembled plastic miniatures
4 or 5 profile cards
1 Alchemical Formulas card
1 Rulebook
6 special dice for the D3 system
5 Combat Cards
1 ruler
21 markers

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