Battle - The Napoleonic Wars

By: Lost Battalion Games

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Last Stocked on 1/2/2014

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Battle - The Napoleonic Wars
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Will "the Guard" take the hill at Waterloo this time? Wellington called the battle "a near run thing," and in fact, many of the battles of the period were just that... close affairs that tilted on a key decision or a critical error.

Now, LBG gives you a chance to explore some of those great battles, with an evolution of a proven system. From Battle™ the American Civil War , now comes, Battle: The Napoleonic Wars™. Pick a battle, or make up your own — you have 24 geomorphic hex tiles, printed on both sides for a multitude of possible battlefield combinations. Pick an army—you have five major nations to choose from, plus minor allies, each with the full range of troop types that make the period so interesting... each troop type offering different strengths or weaknesses. Use historical scenarios, explore the "what might have been" of great campaigns, or use a "points’ system to build your own optimal force.

The diceless combat system means it all depends on your tactical skill... to know how unit strength compares with terrain advantages and enemy capabilities. You may groan at an error, but you’ll never wail about bad die rolls—the results are entirely up to you and your opponent.

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