#2 w/The Solomons Campaign

By: Decision Games

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Product Line: World at War Magazine #1 - #50

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#2 w/The Solomons Campaign
Joseph Miranda
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The Solomons Campaign is an extensive redesign of the old-SPI game of the same name originally designed and published by James F. Dunnigan in 1973. It presents a two-player, complex historical simulation of the air, sea and land campaigns waged on and around the island of Guadalcanal in the summer and fall of 1942. The game begins with the American invasion of that island and includes the subsequent Japanese attempts to retake it. The game is intended to be a simulation of combined air-naval-ground operations, or what are today called "joint operations." Consequently it centers on modeling command and staff systems, focusing on the difficulties and advantages inherent in sequenced interactions between and among air, naval and ground forces.

There are three distinct categories of military units in the game: ships, aircraft and ground. Each category has its own special rules and interacts with the other types in various ways. There are also rules covering the different approaches to operations taken by both sides' army and navy high commands.

Each hex on the map represents 100 miles from side to opposite side. Each game turn represents two weeks, with each "operational impulse" within a game turn representing 12 hours of intense tactical operations. Each point of ground unit strength represents a battalion of 1,000 or so troops. Each aircraft strength point represents a squadron or 10 to 24 aircraft. Naval units represent one ship for carriers and battleships, two ships for cruisers, and five for destroyers and transports. There are 280 half-inch counters, both NATO-style and iconic, included in the game.

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