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3rd Canadian Division

By: Battlefront Miniatures

Type: Minis Box Set

Product Line: Flames of War - WWII - British - Box Sets & Miscellaneous


Last Stocked on 12/29/2010

Product Info

3rd Canadian Division
Publish Year
MFG. Part #
Minis Box Set
Age Range
14 Years and Up


The box comes with everything you need to get started with a Canadian Rifle Company:

Company HQ: 2 Command Rifle teams and a troop carrier.
3 Rifle Platoons: each with a Command Rifle/MG team, PIAT team, Light Mortar team and six Rifle/MG teams.
Carrier Platoon with 2 Patrols: 3 Universal Carriers and 3 Wasp Carriers.
3 Armored Personnel Carriers: six Defrocked Priests.
Machine-gun Platoon: Command Rifle team, PIAT team, four Vickers HMG teams.
Heavy Mortar Platoon: Command Rifle team, Observer Rifle team, PIAT team, four 4.2” Mortar teams.
Anti-tank Platoon: SP, Royal Artillery Two M10 3” SP.
Armored Platoon: three Sherman, one Firefly.
Army Sheet with organizations, points and arsenal.

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