Ars Lingua

By: Tangent Games

Type: Softcover

Product Line: Fantasy Supplements (d20) (Tangent Games)

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Ars Lingua
Geoff Habiger, Coy Kissee
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Language matters. Whether you are trying to order a new longsword from the blacksmith, ask for a woman’s hand in marriage, or stave off a horde of Goblins from attacking the village, what you say is important.

The current rules for the Speak Language skill do not allow for the reality of language. A single skill point represents the ability to fluently speak, read, and write any given language. While this allows for speedy game play, the intricacy (and reality) that different languages or dialects offer is lost with the current system. A 1st-level non-Human PC with an 18 Intelligence score has the ability to be fluent in both reading and speaking six languages!

Ars Lingua seeks to expand on the current Speak Language skill. Within this book you will find:

An enhancement to the Speak Language skill that treats languages in a realistic, yet easy to play manner.
A new skill for Read/Write Languages and 3 other new skills.
19 new feats.
Updates to existing spells for use with the enhanced Speak Language skill.
14 new spells that focus on the use of language.
New magic items.
New forms of verbal communication such as dialects, accents, and slang.
New non-verbal communication such as sign language, codes, and pheromones.
Two new prestige classes.

Ars Lingua is the perfect book for any campaign setting. Whether you want to add some flair and reality to the Speak Language skill, or are merely looking for some new ways to spice up your game, Ars Lingua has it.

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