Sons of Liberty

By: Kallisti Press

Type: Softcover

Product Line: Roleplaying Games (Kallisti Press)

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Sons of Liberty
Josh Roby
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Have you ever had Alexander Hamilton wind up your clockwork power armor, jump out of Thomas Paine's ornithopter, and land in the middle of the Battle of Yorktown to punch General Cornwallis in the face?


Well... would you like to?

The game's fast-paced card mechanics ensure high-action madness and revolutionary heroics. If you are playing Benjamin Franklin and you aren't swinging an electrified kite over your head to clear the streets of redcoats, then you are playing it wrong.

Play Sons of Liberty in three different modes: Battle Mode, Campaign Mode, and Versus Mode.

In Battle Mode, you and three or more friends play through one secret “battle” of the Sons of Liberty. One player takes on the role of the Tories, while everyone else picks a Patriot figure to portray. A single battle takes between two and three hours to play.

In Campaign Mode, you and your friends string together a series of battles to tell the whole, secret story of the American Revolution. Each battle features different Patriot figures, and the role of Tory player is traded to a new player each time. Scheduling is simple since the group of players need not be the same for each battle – if Jim can’t make it one evening, there’s just one less Patriot and more badassery for everybody else.

In Versus Mode, you and one other player can each take on the role of one of the Sons of Liberty after the Revolution has been won. Once comrades in arms who founded a nation, the task of actually building that nation often set these men and women at odds. It was their impassioned struggles with each other that formed the nation we know today.

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