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Maximum Football Version 2.0

By: Matrix Games

Type: Software (boxed)

Product Line: Computer Games - Sports, Simulation & Strategy (Matrix Games)


Last Stocked on 11/22/2018

Product Info

Maximum Football Version 2.0
Publish Year
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Software (boxed)


Game Genre : Sports
Complexity : Intermediate
Game Theatre : Modern
Play Style : Real-Time - 3D

"If you're lucky enough to find a guy with a lot of head and a lot of heart, he's never going to come off the field second" - Vince Lombardi

Imagine if you called the shots in football. Not just the plays on the field, but all the shots that could be called. You pick the length of quarters, the field size, where the goal posts are, and all the rules in between. You are in charge of drafting, training, and cutting the fat from your team. Yes, you are even in charge of designing and executing the plays. Maximum-Football v2 delivers your imagination like a bullet pass through double coverage.

Experience the thrill of managing a team in any league from pee-wee to all-pro. Design and play in leagues where you pick the size and layout. Play against others in user created leagues. There is no limit to how far you can take Maximum-Football v2. Get down and dirty with the editor as you create new plays and playbooks in the improved Play Development System, design your own uniforms and helmets, and even select nicknames to appear on jerseys.

Maximum-Football v2 is the football fans dream. Whether you are a head coach or an armchair quarterback, Maximum-Football v2 has the features for you.

Game Features Include:

Comes with default US, Canadian and Indoor rules leagues and playbooks
Full control over rules variations, league setup, teams, plays and players
Open and accessible data and art files
Player salary & basic contract information.
16 individual player ratings over and above things like height, weight and age.
More distinction in Player positions from Maximum-Football 1.3
Statistical categories for passing, rushing, receiving, special teams, defensive teams
User definable league structures allow for unlimited numbers of teams in 1 to 4 conferences with 1 to 4 divisions per conference.
Players can be created manually or automatically generated.
A free agent draft system.
Updated Play Development System
Each team can have its own playbook.
Improved AI in v2 that will shift the defensive line to try and counter your play calling tendencies
Create and edit formations & plays for offense, defense and special teams.
Play routes are created via drawing command points and assigning scripted commands to each point. No longer are you restricted to selecting from half dozen hard coded routes.
Improved overall defensive coverage including Pass and Run blocking in v2!
Newly created routes can be saved to templates for use in other plays.
A quick preview mode allows you to watch player movement through the play.
A full practice mode allows you to take to the practice field and run your plays with or without a defense.
Xbox 360 Controller is now fully supported.
And MUCH more!

Game Data:

Complexity: Intermediate
Time Scale: Games, Seasons, Careers
Subject: 3D Football - of any kind!
Game Scale: Leagues, Teams, Coaches, Players
Turn Play: Weekly Games
Players: 1 (or more in a League)
AI: Yes, Either Side
TCP/IP: Only as Internet League Support
Game Editor: Yes, Play Development System, Open Source Data and Art, Extremely Customizable Rules
Resolution: 800x600, 1024x768, 1152x864, 1280x960
Manual: PDF(Download) & B&W Printed(Physical), 78 pages


Windows XP/Vista (XP Recommended)
1 GHz CPU (2 GHz+ Recommended)
512 MB RAM (1 GB Recommended)
128 MB Video Card (Non-integrated Video)
DirectX-compatible Sound Card
300 MB free Hard Drive space
Windows Compatible Mouse
DirectX 9+

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