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#11 "The Art of Chivalry & Courtly Love, The French Troubadors"

By: Renaissance Magazine

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Product Line: Renaissance Magazine #01-50

Last Stocked on 5/2/2017

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#11 "The Art of Chivalry & Courtly Love, The French Troubadors"
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On Chivalry and Courly Love
Although the stories of these heroes were sung by minstrels, the life of a knight was significantly different from the picture painted by their tales. Our ideas of the courtesy of knights and the purity of their ladies are taken from works written in the 15th and 16th centuries by writers who spiritualized the exploits of chivalry in highly revised versions of the original tales. The knights of the older stories that formed the basis for these characters were far from perfect and seldom gentle.

The Rise and Fall of the Troubadour in the Land of Song

A Brief History of the Crusades
The Crusades! What visions that word brings to mind. Knights in shining armor, thousands of fighting men, each bearing a cross on his breast or shoulder, slaughtering the infidel Saracens to liberate the Holy Land from their evil grasp, freeing Jerusalem and the Holy Sepulchre for the greater good of Christianity. But how different the reality.

A Traveler's Guide to Pennsic War
Like something out of a classic pulp tale of swords and sorcery, the Society for Creative Anachronism's Pennsic War has run for two weeks every August for over a quarter century.