#15 "Dragons, Unicorns, Gargoyles, Fairies, Elves"

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#15 "Dragons, Unicorns, Gargoyles, Fairies, Elves"
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The Mysterious World of Gargoyles
One of medieval Europe's most curious architectural innovations, gargoyles originally served as water spouts to divert the flow of water from the walls of medieval churches and cathedrals. As waterspouts, they served an important function. But why were they so gruesome, and how did such disturbing images come to sit atop sacred structures?

The Mythical Unicorn
According to medieval lore, unicorn folklore was presented as gospel by scholars and the clergyand was accepted as such by an obedient populace. But where did the unicorn come from, and how did belief in its miraculous powers persist, even in the face of its unrelenting non-existence?

The Dragon's Story: Deity or Devil?
The dragon has been considered a primeval agent of chaos and a symbol of evil, as well as a noble protagonist and a banner of courageousness. In point of fact, the dragon has evolved with civilization itself, a recalcitrant element eternally threatening, springing from the mighty chaos of the unnatural world.

In Search of One's True S'Elf
When traveling in the lands of FALO or Dragonclaw, FAERIE or LORE, be careful where you wander, for these groups welcome fairies, elves, hobbits and hobs, nymphs, satyrs, sprites and gnomes. These four groups, along with the Silver Elves, bring fairytales and mythological characters to life.

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