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Free Towns of Yggsburgh - Moat Gate

Free Towns of Yggsburgh - Moat Gate
Author: Don Macvittie
Publish Year: 2008
Pages: 48
Dimensions: 8.5x11x.2"
Restockable: No
Mfg. part #: IMPTLG8062
Type: Softcover


The Castle Zagyg City Expansion series explores each district of the Free Town in tremendous detail. Individually treated each inter-connecting district is presented in its own book with accompanying maps. Loaded with adventure hooks, intrigue, thousands of non-player characters, and scores of encounter locations, the Yggsburgh City Expansion Books present the greatest town in gaming history in all its glorious detail.

Yggsburgh City Expansion: Moat Gate

The Moat Gate District of the Free Town of Yggsburgh is the Daily there is a flow of traffic into and out of the Moat gate, that gate that connects the Outs with Yggsburgh proper. Through this gate flow workers, businessmen, ladies, and city leaders, all going about their daily tasks. With them come foreigners, thieves, uncounted underclass, spies, and adventurers.

The areas around the Moat gate reflect this varied traffic. Near the gate are businesses that cater to foreigners and denizens of The Outs, while cheap housing abounds to hold the workers that keep the city and The Outs productive. The Fane and Convent of the Three Norns lies in the Southeast corner of the city, and the neighborhood around it is upper class with businesses around the Moat gate.

Here your brave adventurers will meet the underclass and find outfitting for basic adventuring. They can dine with a retired Knight of the Citadel or take their repast in a bawdy bar. Whatever type of adventure your characters wish to undertake, whatever type of citizen they hope to encounter, they will find it here.