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#32 w/God, King and Country - The First Carlist War, 1833-1840

By: Ludopress

Type: Magazine

Product Line: Alea Magazine w/Games (Spanish w/English)

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#32 w/God, King and Country - The First Carlist War, 1833-1840
Enric Marti
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Dios Patria Rey (For God, Country and King) is a system simulating several battles of the First Carlist War of 1833-1840.

The Carlist Wars in Spain were the last major European civil wars in which pretenders fought to establish their claim to a throne. Several times during the period from 1833 to 1876 the Carlists — followers of Infante Carlos (later Carlos V) and his descendants — rallied to the cry of "God, Country, and King" and fought for the cause of Spanish tradition (Legitimism and Catholicism) against the liberalism, and later the republicanism, of the Spanish governments of the day.

Dios Patria Rey uses a beefed up and revised Libertadores system (Soldados y Estrategia n. 10) to simulate eight of the most decisive battles of this war: Arquijas, Luchana, Oriamendi, Barbastro, Maella and the 1st and 2nd battles of Perecamps.

The game features the several foreign units which fought in Spain in 1833-40 including the British, Portuguese and Belgian legions and the French Foreign Legion. There were also French, Prussian Austrian and Russian Absolutist fighting on the Carlist side. In fact, the Carlist pretendant died in exile in the Austrian Empire. He is buried in a church at Trieste, now in Northern Italy.

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