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#138 "The Game Goes On!!"

Condition: VG+
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Condition: VG
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#138 "The Game Goes On!!"
Category: Novels & Comics
Publish Year: 2008
Pages: 80
Dimensions: 7x10x.2"
Restockable: No
NKG part #: 2148599576
Mfg. part #: KEN138
Type: Comic


The Strips

The Dragon Lady Cometh
  •featuring: JoJo and Tuley.
Kickin' a Sleeping Dawg
  •featuring: Weird Pete, Bob, and Squirrely.
A New Set of Eyes
  •featuring: Heidi Jackson, Tuley, Edmund, Waco Bob, JoJo, and Pete Skipowski.
How Much is that Dalek in the Window?
  •featuring: Weird Pete, Bob, Squirrely, and Gordo.
The Backroom Deal
  •featuring: B.A., Bob, Sara, Dave, and Brian.
Zombodie's at the Door
  •featuring: B.A., Bob, Sara, Dave, and Brian.
  •featuring: B.A., Bob, Sara, Dave, and Brian.
I Heard the News Today...
  •featuring: Weird Pete, Squirrely, and Brian.
One-Two Punches

Gamemaster's Workshop

Casting Call: Babbette Tongwaggle {HackMaster NPC} by Barbara Blackburn
GMW: Do-It-Yourself GameMaster Screens {systemless} by Shedrick Pittman-Hassett
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Parloon Sove, Skillend, and Chezik {fantasy NPCs; systemless} by Stefen Styrsky
Bait and Tackle: Adventure Hooks for your campaign {systemless}
All Things Magic: The Tome of Teeth {HackMaster} by Brian M. Sammons
Deadly Trappings: The Corridor {fantasy; systemless} by Eric Lehmann
Rustlers of the Night: Death-Blood Medusa {Dungeons & Dragons v3.5} by Stefen Styrsky

Regular Columns

Hacker's Guide to Garweeze Wurld: Temple of Odin - Levels 3 to 4 by James Montney {HackMaster; systemless}
Tales from the Table: Actual Home-brewed legends from our readers
Dungeons Ready to Occupy: The Secret Lair of Captain Scargill: Map 3 in the Jeth Series {generic; fantasy} by Craig Zipse
Lost Game Safari: Mage Stones scouted by William A. Wiarda
Lookin' at Comics by Tony Digerolamo
A Gamer's Rant on Movies: Dragonlance: Dragons of Autumn Twilight yelled at by Noah Antwiler
The "Indy" Game Scene: Mortal Coil reviewed by Ahsok Desai
Summon Web Scryer: Ahoy Matey! Pirates Storm the Web surfed by Kenneth Newquist
Geek Fu Action Grip: The Making of a Superhero observed by Mur Lafferty
Disks of Wondrous Power: Call of Duty 4 reviewed by Rick Moscatello
Off the Shelf: Medieval Romances by Howard Pyle reviewed by Paul Westermeyer
Board Squawk: Rails of Europe reviewed by Nick Medinger


Cries from the Attic
Table Talk
Game Vine
Back Room at the Games Pit
Brian's Small Press Picks: Warriors, Ivashu, Heavy Gear Blitz
Weird Pete's Bulletin Board
Parting Shots

Homebrew Strips

Fuzzy Knights: We're Boned by Noah Chinn
Unnamed cartoons by the Brothers Grimm, Chris Avellone, Sean Keith Williams, Scott R. Krol, Bill "Indy" Cavalier, Jolly R.
Blackburn, and Joseph W. Hellar