Melee Pack I

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Melee Pack I
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Scenarios Include:

MP1: The Wolves' Last Tooth - January 17, 1941 Klisura, Albania:

The remnants of the Wolves of Tuscany Division must break out through the thin infantry lines held by the ELAS Militia and the Greek 15th Division with only a handful of tankettes for support.

MP2: Curtain Kall - November 6, 1944 Hürtgen Forest, Germany:

Task Force Ripple must utilize its inexperienced GIs, tanks and TDs to smash the dug in soldaten of the German 89th Infantry Division. Add in a little heavy caliber OBA and the Americans just might have a chance.

MP3: Holy Ground - November 6, 1944 Vossenack, Germany:

The 156th PanzerGrenadiers have the U.S. 112th Infantry on the run. The 2nd Battalion CP must cobble together a defense around the town church or lose Vossenack entirely.

MP4: Bleeding the First - November 16, 1944 Hamich, Germany:

The 1st Battalion of the 16th Infantry has been ordered to take Hamich. The elite 48th Grenadiers are waiting for them in the wooded approaches to the town where they’ve been preparing defenses for weeks.

MP5: The Rats of Hamich - November 18, 1944 Hamich, Germany:

The 3rd Battalion of the 16th Infantry now leads the assault on Hamich. The 48th Grenadiers have set up a layered and well-hidden defense to make them pay for every muddy yard.

MP6: The Marnach Strongpoint - December 16, 1944 Marnach, Luxembourg:

The 2nd Panzer Division must coordinate an armored assault to seize Marnach from the reconstituted U.S. 110th. Though surprised, the 110th may have just enough force to halt the German advance.

The following components are necessary to play all the scenarios in Melee Pack I:

Boards: 4, 5, 17, 41, 42, 47, Nphum Ga Map
Nationalities (counters): Italian, Allied Minor, German, American
Overlays: OG3, OG4, X11, X13, X14, X19
Rules: Chapters A-G, J, O (Red Barricades)

So, you will need the following:

ASL Rule Book, 2nd Edition
Beyond Valor, 2nd Edition (Germans, Red Barricades Rules)
Yanks (Americans, Board 17)
Hollow Legions (Italians)
Paratrooper (Board 4)
ASL Annual '97 (Nphum Ga Map)
Cross of Iron (Squad Leader) (Board 5)
Croix de Guerre (Overlays OG3, OG4, X11, X13, X14, Board 41)
Doomed Battalions, 2nd Edition (Overlay X19)
Action Pack #1 (Board 42)
Action Pack #2 (Board 47)
The Last Hurrah (Allied Minors)

Of course, many components (such as Boards) can be purchased separately.

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