Battlin' Bastards of Bataan Pack

By: Fanatic Enterprises

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Product Line: ASL Scenarios & AFV Card Packs (Fanatic Enterprises)

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Battlin' Bastards of Bataan Pack
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FE 25 Trouble at Agoo, December 22, 1941: A precursor action to the Bataan campaign pits 5 American light tanks against a Japanese AT Gun and reinforcing armor. Using board 38, this is a faced paced tourney sized action packed scenario.

FE 26 Precious Minutes, January 2, 1942: As the American and Filipino forces fall back into Bataan they desperately need time to establish their defensive line. This scenario on boards 35 and 38 pits a group of American infantry against an equivalent group of Japanese infantry. The Japanese must fight through the Americans and capture some huts avoiding some hidden American ART Guns in the process.

FE 27 The Bravest Thing I Ever Saw, January 6, 1942: Two opposing forces setup on opposing hills and blast away at each other as they try to capture the others hill. Each side gets the opportunity to attack and defend in this nail biter. The Americans get a bunch of infantry some fortifications and a couple of ART guns against a small swarm of Japanese infantry supported by ART Guns. This scenario uses boards 18 and 36.

FE 28 Fidgety Bridget, January 23, 1942: Here is a unique situation not normally seen in ASL, a meeting engagement at night. Tow opposing infantry forces must climb the board 39 hill and capture as much ground as possible. Both sides attack in this tactical puzzle.

FE 29 Reluctant Warriors: January 24, 1942: This is a really quick one. 8 American squads supported by an American Bren Gun Carrier (yes an American Carrier!) must seek out and capture a Japanese AT Gun and MG on board 36. Find out why the Americans had carriers and enjoy a scenario featuring this rare vehicle.

FE 30 Trail #2: January 27, 1942: This is a meaty scenario on boards 43 and 44 using a few overlays including rice paddies. Dont worry the Rice Paddies arent too onerous in this scenario. 20 Japanese squads must push through an American line and off the board. The Americans get some armor support in the form of some HT mounted artillery.

FE 31 Plenty of Time to Rest When You're Dead, February 2, 1942: This is a medium sized scenario on board 36. The Americans with a moderate amount of infantry supported by 3 Light Tanks must push up the road and capture a bridge against some dug-in Japanese infantry supported by an AT Gun.

FE 32 Get to the Point, February 3, 1943: This is another meaty scenario pitting 22 American squads supported by Light Tanks against a bunch of dug in Japanese squads with a few surprises of their own. The Americans in this one are using dynamite bundles, which adds a nice bit of flavor to the scenario. This scenario uses boards 34 and 37.

FE 33 Battlin' Bastards of Bataan, April 3, 1942: The Philippine campaign is drawing to a close but the Americans still have a lot of fight in them. This scenario, set on board 47 sees the Japanese with combined arms of infantry, artillery and armor pushing down the board against dug-in Americans supported by AT Guns and fortifications. This is another meaty scenario.

FE 34 Go Down Fighting, April 5, 1944: The campaign is nearing the end. The Battlin' Bastards of Bataan are giving it their all. This scenario, set on board 38, pits a ragged bunch of Americans supported by some ancient INF guns trying vainly to stop the Japanese onslaught. The Japanese get 4 tanks to support their infantry but in this nail biter the Japanese will need all the good luck they can generate.

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