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Balkan Warfare

By: Fanatic Enterprises

Type: Ziplock

Product Line: ASL Scenarios & AFV Card Packs (Fanatic Enterprises)

Last Stocked on 5/13/2022

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Balkan Warfare
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FE 50 Hungarian Action: Hungarian paratroopers drop into action! Yes, I said Hungarian Paratroopers!! This battle is the one fight where the Hungarian paratroopers actually did a combat drop. Ok this is not 100% historically accurate, the landing was unopposed and the Hungarians marched into battle but still somewhat captures the action of a bridge capture. Uses boards 23 and 49 and is medium sized.

FE 51 Wolf Pack in the Hills: Many of you have been clamoring for a good ambush scenario. Ok maybe one of you, but here is a cool situation. An Italian convoy moves across the board 50 hill and runs into a Partisan ambush. Partisans basically have to annihilate the convoy, while the Italians basically have to survive.

FE 52 With Friends Like These: Set on boards 32 and 50 this scenario features the Italians (actually Albanians serving for Italy) fighting the Bulgarians. A nice tourney sized scenario the Italians have to capture some buildings from the defending Bulgarians.

FE 53 Operation Braun: This is the meatiest of the bunch with a large Partisan force defending against Croatian troops backed up by some armor. Set on boards 41 and 50, the Croatians have to capture some buildings. Tough to accomplish against stone buildings.

FE 54 Dubrovnik 2: This is an interesting one set on board 48. Attacking Croatian troops have to kick out a small Partisan force from the village. Then they have defend against a counterattacking force. The victory conditions are tied around holding buildings, with fortified buildings (which can be made during play) counting for more VP. A smaller sized scenario that should allow for some good replay.

FE 55 Friends No More: Here is cool scenario set on boards 4, 8 and FE1 (free for download from my website, for use with VASL). Germans and Rumanians try to control a bridge with the Germans having to get some VP over the bridge. Again, another smaller tourney sized scenario.

FE 56 Covering the Retreat: This is a medium sized scenario set on boards w and 18. Defending Germans get some armor including French tanks and have to defend against a tidal wave, well a small wave of Russian combined arms. Germans try to hold onto a building or 3.

FE 57 War Without End: Defending Germans with some Italian tanks and assault guns defend the board 12 village from very powerful British armored troops crossing the board 50 hill mass. The Germans who are very brittle try to keep a hold of a building or two while the Brits race against time.

FE 58 The End is in Sight: A medium sized scenario featuring Croatian infantry and armor trying to break through a Partisan blocking force. Set on boards 10 and 44. This is another one of those scenarios featuring vehicles from Armies of Oblivion; another example of the vast amount of scenarios that can now be played with ASL.

FE 59 But We’re Not Quite There!: Once again a tired Croatian armor and infantry force, this time smaller due to previous battles tries to blast through a Partisan blocking force. This is another tourney-sized scenario set on board 45.

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