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Big Trouble in Little Oaktown

By: Expeditious Retreat Press

Type: Module

Product Line: True20 Adventure Roleplaying (Expeditious Retreat Press)

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Big Trouble in Little Oaktown
Joseph Miller
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The children of Oaktown are disappearing in the night!

Despite parents' precautions and the hamlet's patrols, they are no where to be found. While fear and despair grips the adults of Oaktown, the remaining children are locked away until the unseen threat passes.

However a group of older siblings and cousins all receive a mysterious dream. What does this dream mean? Where will it lead them? What will they find when they get there? These young heroes will soon discover the answers to these questions and many more as they unravel riddles, overcome obstacles, and face off with their foes in the unpredictable dreamlands.

This adventure introduces a group of heroes to the world of Nevermore and is intended for a party of four to six 1st level heroes. The adventure assumes players are using the pre-generated heroes presented in the Heroes' Appendix. However, the adventure can be adjusted for use with any 1st-level or higher adventuring group. To play this adventure you should possess the free electronic supplement Nevermore Gazetteer from Expeditious Retreat Press and the True20: Adventure Roleplaying published by Green Ronin.

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