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Wormweird Tarot, The

Wormweird Tarot, The
Product Line: Wormweird Tarot, The
Publish Year: 2008
Restockable: No
Mfg. part #: S2PEOS5003
Type: Box Set


The Nature of The Cards – From the Heart of Darkness, something new – a uniquely dark twist on the traditional Tarot Deck. Instead of simply a divinatory device with alternate imagery, the Wormweird Tarot is also the chronicle of a dark alternate world that quite thankfully does not exist. To quote the creator, George Higham: “The Wormweird Tarot is the doorway to a Victorian neverland of dark myths, strange magicks and weird technologies. Herein, you will bear witness to the vengeance of angels, the birth of monsters and the death of man. It is an art gallery, a spook-house, a waxworks, a cabinet of curiosities, yet above all, a Tarot deck. You certainly don’t need to know how to read the Tarot to enjoy it, but it was created to conform to the use of divination if you so choose.”

What’s In This Deck – The Wormweird Tarot is chock-full of gothic goodness – 80 custom-designed tarot cards following their own internally-consistent symbology, based around Higham’s beautifully done ‘photographic sculptures’ and a 36 page Codex with picture-keyed entries that illustrate not just the tarot meaning but also the dark history of the Wormweird World. To quote again from the creator: “What you hold in your hands is a chronicle of the fall of the City of Wormwood. It’s a strange chronicle, though, as it is not constructed in a chronological order. It exists as a dream might... fractured, weird and full of mystery. It is an enigma cloaked in darkness, open to interpretation while being faithful to the Tarot tradition.”

A World As Seen Through Cards – Through the Wormweird Tarot you will gain extensive glimpses into another dark world – a world centered around, and ultimately destroyed by the sinister Baron Alchymus and his Olde Asylum Absinthe Empire. From the creator: “What is ‘Absinthe’ you ask? It’s the stuff of dreams and nightmares. Absinthe is an alcoholic beverage with hallucinatory properties that was favored by artists and madmen during the waning days of our Victorian era. The dangerous elixir has been elevated to a near mythic status after it descended into the realm of outcasts and outlaws upon being banned in the early 20th century. Its main ingredient, the bitter and mind altering “wormwood,” gives it a distinct hue - a rather ghastly shade of green.”

Features – The Wormweird Tarot includes:

Beautifully sculpted-and-photographed works of art in each of the eighty cards
Detailed Codex that contains full story and background on each card with picture excerpts for identifying each card quickly and easily
Suitable as a one-of-a-kind gift to your friends with gothic tastes, or as a means of divination