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#16 "Legends Warcasters, Gun Mages, Hordes Trooper Tactics"

By: Privateer Press

Type: Magazine

Product Line: No Quarter Magazine #01 - #50

MSRP $5.99

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#16 "Legends Warcasters, Gun Mages, Hordes Trooper Tactics"
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Birth of Legends
The march to the release of WARMACHINE: Legends has begun! Get a preview of the epic warcaster versions of Nemo and Irusk, like you've never seen them before. Then feast your eyes on two deadly new warcasters for Cryx and the Protectorate of Menoth! Learn their rules before they arrive in stores this March.

WARMACHINE Recent Battles
War continues unabated in the Iron Kingdoms. Follow the exploits of Nemo, Irusk, and other warcasters on the battlefield, and then take history into your own hands with these WARMACHINE scenarios.

HORDES tactics
Know how to survive being trampled? Know how to set up a counter-charge? You will if you read our tactics guides! Get the most out of the rank and file with this guide to using troops in your HORDES army.

Sign & Sigil: Magic Bullet Theory
The first installment of the Sign & Sigil series brings you the highly anticipated and long-awaited release of the Arcane Tempest and Amethyst Rose gun mage prestige classes.

And a lot more...
Make terrain building easy and fun with our guide to hosting terrain-building party! Stormblades and Stormguard in Guts & Gears. All about gobbers in Five Fingers. Get to know the man behind the mask in the Gavin Kyle Files. A new No Quarter painting challenge. And a whole lot more.

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