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Battles for Empire 1870-1902

Battles for Empire 1870-1902
Author: Chris Leach
Publish Year: 1999
Dimensions: 8.5x11x.18"
Restockable: No
Mfg. part #: OMM58640
Type: Softcover

Battles for Empire 1870-1902


It is a complete rules system for recreating the battles of British imperial conquest in miniature. Players command units of British regulars and trained colonial recruits, or fight against these invaders with Dervishes, Zulus, Pathans, or Boers.

Battles for Empire gives you the following:

- Rules are easily learned but tactically subtle.

- No mandatory basing Scheme required.

- Integrated movement and morale system makes ambitious plans difficult to coordinate under fire.

- Quick play is facilitated by a concise turn sequence and efficient mechanics supplemented with specific rules to represent the fighting character of each army.

- Includes optional rules for ambushes, commander heroics, and hidden deployment.

-Includes simple rules for gunboats, dhows, and attacking building and battlements.

Includes four historical scenarios:
Khambula, Zulu War.
Tamai, Sudan Campaign.
Ahmed Kheyl, Second Afghan War.
Colenso, Boer War.