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Koniggratz - The Battle for Germany, 1866

By: S&G Games

Type: Ziplock

Product Line: War Games (S&G Games)


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Koniggratz - The Battle for Germany, 1866
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James Gabel
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NKG Part #


The Battle for Germany, 1866". Contents comprise the following: A 17-inches by 22-inches Map sheet; a 2-pages Rules folder; a paper sheet with the Turn Record Track/Melee Combat Results Table/Fire Combat Results Table/Initiative Table; and a thin Front & Back printed uncut Counter Sheet. Players will have to provide their OWN single 6-sided DIE & CUTOUT the game Counters prior to play.

The Map sheet is overall TAN with all terrain features in BROWN with BLUE numerals & water features. The counter sheet is mostly WHITE (Austrians) with BLUE (Prussians) and printed in BLACK. The Rules folder is more like just 3 pages as the FRONT is the cover with the game title graphics. The game mechanics for the sequence of play is: 1.Initiative Determination-Either Player Rolls a DIE and consults the Table to see which player goes first; 2.FIRE phase-BOTH players attempt to recover previously Disrupted Units from an earlier FIRE phase THEN Simultaneous Fire is conducted by BOTH player's eligible Units; 3.MOVEMENT phase-The Phasing Player may move his Undisrupted Units; 4.MELEE phase-BOTH players attempt to recover previously Disrupted Units from an earlier MELEE phase and THEN the Phasing Player may conduct MELEE with eligible adjacent Units; once BOTH players have performed these phases, then a TURN is marked off and play continues until the end of the game is reached.

The RULES folder details the extensive Historical Unit designation abbreviations for the Combat Units. On the back page is located the Terrain Effects table with explanations, the Victory Conditions, and a Historical Notes section. Very concise and easy to learn or follow for any level of War gamer to comprehend.

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