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After Winter's Dark - Aihrde

By: Troll Lord Games

Type: Softcover

Product Line: Castles & Crusades - Rings of Brass

Last Stocked on 4/11/2023

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After Winter's Dark - Aihrde
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The World of Aihrde is the official Castles & Crusades adventure setting. The book comprises a detailed history in which the whole of the world's development is laid out as a penelopian tapestry. Aihrde’s unique design allows Castle Keepers and Players alike to customize and adapt this unfolding tapestry of adventures to their own design and style of play.

A world like no other, Aihrde has a true coherent historical framework, with a depth unreached by any other adventure setting. From the cosmological origins of its creation, to the inner world, to the Winter Dark Wars, Aihrde offers a complete picture for any adventurer’s background. Aihrde’s unique features are only strengthened by its familiar trappings and classic feel of dragons, orcs, goblins, elves, dwarves and more. These classic aspects of most fantasy worlds are highlighted by wholly original creatures such as the Gottland Trolls whose life times of evil deeds root them to the ground like old trees . . . .

This primer serves as an introduction to the world of Aihrde. Originally published in 2000 as the After Winter Dark Campaign Setting, this primer revises the world of Aihrde for the Castles & Crusades system. It includes a brief history of time, cosmology, and descriptions of geographic and geo-political entities as well as notes on the calendar, maps and more.

From the aging trolls of the Gottland to the red trees of the Rilthwood, adventurers encounter an exciting world where the present is alive with the past. It is Epic in its scope, accommodating both high and low level adventures with ease. Erde's boundaries are only as narrow as the walls of your imagination. It is a World of Epic Adventure.

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