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Caeron 3000 - The Role Playing Game

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Caeron 3000 - The Role Playing Game
Product Line: Caeron 3000
Author: Thomas Scott, Mark Sinyard, Dorothy Scott
Publish Year: 2003
Pages: 170
Dimensions: 8.5x11x.3"
Restockable: No
NKG part #: 2147979544
Type: Softcover


It was in the latter part of the twenty-sixth century that Earth's population had grown to excess. Those who lived in that era struggled to survive in a world where all places suffered from overcrowding and a shortage of food. Single residence homes no longer existed. All cities were restructured and rebuilt to handle high-rise or multi-level underground housing.

Earth's natural resources had long been depleted, leaving only recycled products that had been re-used for centuries. The only remaining resources available were now mined from other planets in the solar system. New minerals such as Trisyllium, found on the moons of Saturn, provided the basis for a whole new generation of space travel that would take people beyond Sol and to other star systems.

Once the technology of trans-light space flight was perfected, humans set out from Earth as the colonization of other star systems began. The primary settlement for Earth-born refugees became Andraeus, in the Caeron star system. Also known as New Earth, Andraeus is larger and contains an abundance of natural resources that were so desperately missed back on Earth.

Not everyone was fortunate enough to re-locate to Andraeus. Those that remained behind continued to live in difficult conditions in a civilization that was only a frail remnant of past glories. The evacuation of billions of people solved the overcrowded problem, but left a population consisting of the primarily poor and non-technical.

Four hundred years after the first settlers arrived on Andraeus, warriors from the distant planet of Rethulim have invaded. For several years, a great war has been raging between the Hau'keen empire and the humans.

In an effort to build alliances and gain an upper hand in the war against the ruthless Hau'keen, battleships have been sent to uncharted areas of space on missions of exploration, discovery, and stewardship. Already, mankind has made allies with advanced alien civilizations, thereby increasing the power and reach of the newly formed Star Alliance.

The Star Alliance was formed less than four years ago, but already there are three major planets and several smaller worlds under its banner. The Romoc, Darian, and Bestian are major allies in the Star Alliance and each plays an important role in the war against the Hau'keen empire.

The Star Alliance's flagship is the S.A.B. Stalwart, headed by Captain Davis Lamar. The Stalwart has already explored and charted more space than any other Star Alliance vessel. Their exploits are fast becoming legend throughout the star systems. This is their story…