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#6 "Empire's Roads, The Executioner, Scenario - The Drowning Well"

By: Hogshead Publishing

Type: Magazine

Product Line: Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay - Warpstone Magazine (Independent)

Last Stocked on 5/7/2014

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#6 "Empire's Roads, The Executioner, Scenario - The Drowning Well"
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WFRP on the WWW update (Stuart Thorpe)
Secrets of the Warhammer Artists (Graeme Davis) An insider's view of the hidden jokes that riddle the illustrations of WFRP's supplements.
Rumours (Francis Plunder)
Low Life on the Highway: Travel on the Empire's Roads (John Foody) The Empire's roads. All your PCs use them, but are you making the most of them?
Cameos (John Foody) On the Road encounters - Dead Dwarves, Wagon in a Ditch, The Toll is Death, We're not Paid for That!, The Lost Patrol, On the Run, and Krieger's Toll Booth
The Usual Suspects (Martin Oliver) The character Eldariel, from "Trapper".
What's in a Name: Kislev (John Foody & John Keane)
Scenario: The Drowning Well (John Foody) Bizarre goings on at an inn in the middle of nowhere. Ghosts, chaos, madmen, and unhealthy amount of blood.
St. Helena (John Foody) Our controversial article about a Sigmarite saint and her sphere of influence.
No You Can't Re-Roll It! (Paul Slevin) A points-based character generation for WFRP.
Mentioned in Dispatches (Stewart Thorpe) Role-playing necromancers and demonologists.
Executioner (Peter Moore) A new basic career class.
Cameo: Your Money and Your Life (Spencer Wallace) More madmen, more mayhem, more carnage - but with added explosions!
Fiction: Trapper (Martin Oliver) There's something unpleasant waiting in the woods…

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