Battle of Kalnock, The

By: Takara Toy Company (Tomy Company)

Type: Boxed Game

Product Line: Anime Board Games (Takara)

Last Stocked on 8/7/2008

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Battle of Kalnock, The
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Boxed Game


This game is based on a Japanese anime called Dougram. The show is about a loose-knit group of humans who band together in order to break away from an evil, oppressive Empire (The Union). The humans are typically undermanned, but high in fighting skill and valor.

Battle of Kalnock is a hex-based miniatures game that comes with 27 die-cast metal mech figures and a set of 20 three-dimensional plastic tree models to be used on a 6-piece modular board. If a tree is potentially in the line-of-sight, the player peers through a miniature periscope placed on the battlefield; if at least 50% of the enemy model is visible, then the unit may fire. Combat is resolved with a single six-sided die roll that is cross-referenced on a Hit Chart which takes into account the statistics of both the offensive and defensive units.

Three scenarios are provided and the player my also design their own. This is the second game in the Dougram series, the first of which is called Battle of Stanrey. Japanese and English rules are provided.

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