#332 "Kill! Maim! Burn! Codex Chaos Space Marines"

By: Games Workshop

Type: Magazine

Product Line: White Dwarf Magazine #301 - #350

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#332 "Kill! Maim! Burn! Codex Chaos Space Marines"
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In This Issue:

02 - New Releases
Feast your eyes on the latest miniatures.

10 - News
The armies of Ulthuan are on the move!

16 - Chaos Space Marines Design notes
We talk to the lead designers on the Chaos Space Marines project for the full scoop.

30 - Battle Report The Karis Cephalon Incursion
As renegade Space Marines rampage across an Imperial world, it falls to the Imperial Guard to stop them!

52 - Servants of the Enemy
Mat Ward takes a look at the much-maligned Orcs of Middle-earth.

64 - Mighty Empires: Famous Campaigns
Jervis Johnson looks at designing “historical” Warhammer campaigns with Mighty Empires.

74 - Prepare for Apocalypse!
Three gamers look ahead to next month’s huge Warhammer 40,000 release.

70 - Standard Bearer
Jervis heralds the Apocalypse!

73 - Citadel Toolbox
Basing your miniatures.

80 - Tactica: Warhammer Magic
Alessio Cavatore looks at how to get the most of the Magic phase in Warhammer.

86 - Modeling Workshop: Chaos Spawn
This versatile new kit is a modeler’s dream!

94 - Painting Masterclass: Huron Blackheart
Paint the Tyrant of Badab the ’Eavy Metal way.

100 - Frontline
The latest events and activities near you!

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