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Mutants & Masterminds Superlink - Godsend Agenda

By: Khepera Publishing

Type: Softcover

Product Line: Godsend Agenda

Last Stocked on 7/18/2020

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Mutants & Masterminds Superlink - Godsend Agenda
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GODSEND AGENDA is a story of...

powerful aliens who positioned themselves as gods on Earth thousands of years ago
a race of Atlantean oracles who foresaw a desolate future dominated by an incomprehensible alien race
genetically augmented transhumans, doomed to die fighting to save a world that turns its back on them
a star-spanning alien blight that slowly and insidiously conquers planet after planet
and the slim yet powerful hope of man's eventual triumph over them all

The GODSEND Agenda is not your typical game of costumes and superpowers. It looks at super humans and how they affect the world around them. It also deals with how our culture worships them, now and in times past. GODSEND Agenda offers players chances to not only interact with those legendary celestial beings, but to walk among them as equals.

Over 185 pages of extensive history and character background set in the world of The GODSEND Agenda
A style sheet for life in the year 2010
Over 80 ready-to-play NPCs
Over 30 pre-constructed artifacts and gadgets ranging from Excalibur to Angelos Power Armor
Six thoroughly explored factions and alien races: The Angelos, Atlanteans, Black October, Chimerans, Elohim, and U.S.E.R.
New Powers and feats
Clear and concise rules for creating gadgets and artifacts of legendary power
Compatible with all Mutants & Masterminds Superlink titles printed to date, making the game world infinitely expandable
This book is a must-have for fans of superheroic mythology!!
Indexed for ease of use!

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