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#149 "WoW TCG - Fires of Outland, JLA's Greatest Battles"

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Product Line: InQuest Gamer Magazine

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#149 "WoW TCG - Fires of Outland, JLA's Greatest Battles"
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World of Warcraft TCG: a Hero's Guide to 'Fires of Outland'
Think you don't need another hero? Think again, because the third expansion of America's hottest TCG is setting its world aflame with a whole new slate of heroes that will forever change the World of Warcraft. Learn how to harness their awesome powers right here or prepare to get burned.

Magic: The Last Block Standing
Who will survive when we pit the 13 Magic blocks against each other in one apocalyptic battle? Fifteen years of cardflopping, and it all boils down to this. Which block rules them all? InQuest Gamer #149 is the only place to find out.

HeroClix: The Greatest Battles of the JLA
Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman. They're the icons of DC Comics, but even they have been laid low by enemies of unimaginable power. Want to knock off Batman's block for yourself? Check out the JLA's greatest battles, re-imagined though the rules of HeroClix. Don't just read them! Live them!

Are you the Ultimate Gamer?
Every gamer thinks he's hardcore. Now InQuest is giving you the chance to prove it in the ultimate gaming challenge. Can you defend your dice-born battle scars by crushing your foes in a series of events that test the brains, stamina and confidence of anyone who's had the audacity to call on the gods of gaming?

Magic 'Lorwyn': First Look
How can Magic possibly follow up the smash success of Time Spiral block? One word: Lorwyn. Read everything there is to know about it in InQuest Gamer #149!!!

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