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By: Rackham

Type: Minis Pack

Product Line: Confrontation (1st Edition) - Cadwallon

2 figures

Last Stocked on 2/24/2017

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Minis Pack


This item is the English edition unless it says otherwise in the condition note.

Cadwallon is the city of Thieves, but also of assassins. When night comes, the streets of the lower city are not safe. There isn’t a night when the militia doesn’t pick up the stiff body of a poor soul assassinated in cold blood. The guild of Ferrymen might gather the most professional hit men, but Cadwallon is choking with self made murderers who chose death as a craft, making life their raw material.

As indicated in his name, this fighter has the ability “Assassin”. The effect of it is increased tenfold by Brutal and the Cadwë assassin’s special capacity: no matter what, when he performs an assault, he can benefit from the effect of having charged and still use Assassin against his opponent. Besides he also has Resolution/2, which allows him to make sure he wins the Initiative test (INI 4) or to secure his strike (ATT 5)!

Miniatures are supplied unpainted and may require assembly.

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