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#329 "30 Years of White Dwarf, Dwarf Reinforcements, Blood Angels Codex"

By: Games Workshop

Type: Magazine

Product Line: White Dwarf Magazine #301 - #350

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#329 "30 Years of White Dwarf, Dwarf Reinforcements, Blood Angels Codex"
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02 - New Releases
Shiny new miniatures a-plenty

18 - News
Gaming & hobby events, Games Days & Grand Tournaments, and a peek at the new Mighty Empires & Empire models

29 - Wargaming Terrain
How to use the new hills, trees, and buildings to make your games even more interesting!

42 - Underground Advance
Dwarf Miners emerge from their tunnels to face their oldest enemies, the Orcs & Goblins.

52 - Battle Report: Battle for Blackskull Manor
Dwarfs & greenskins battle for supremacy.

65 - Citadel Toolbox
Getting the most from the new static grass

66 - White Dwarf XXX: 1977-2007
Celebrating 30 years of White Dwarf magazine

74 - Sons of Sanguinius
Presenting part one of the Blood Angels Codex update, with the history and special rules of the Chapter.

87 - Standard Bearer
Jervis talks Blood Angels.

90 - Tactica: Lords of Light
Good generals for Good armies

96 - Modeling Workshop: Warhammer Buildings
How to assemble the new terrain kit

104 - ’Eavy Metal
Soldiers of Gondor

108 - Modeling Workshop: Warhammer Fortress
Modeling & painting the classic Warhammer castle

112 - Capture the Tower of Moonrise
The second scenario in the series of Nemesis Crown Mega Battles in U.S. stores

114 - Club Feature: The Warbringers
Practices of a successful gaming club

118 - Battle Bunker Schedule
Related Content: Battle Bunker Section

120 - Bitz & Pieces – Direct Services
Download it here - Coming Soon

122 - Direct Services

124 - Store Listing

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