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Operation Weserubung - The Invasion of Norway

Condition: NM
Condition Note: uncut
Our Price: $150.00

Condition: VG+/NM
Condition Note: uncut
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Operation Weserubung - The Invasion of Norway
Category: War Games
Author: Eric Grenier
Publish Year: 2007
Dimensions: 9.5x13x2"
Restockable: No
NKG part #: 2148883730
Type: Boxed Game
Age Range: 12 Years and Up
# Players: 2 - 3 Players
Game Length: 300 Minutes


Please note that this is a DTP (Desk Top Publishing) game designed on a desktop computer and all components, including the counters which will have to be cut and mounted, are printed on paper. These are designed by some very well-known designers and are a low cost alternative to today's professionally produced games. On rare occasions, some of these games are reproduced by other companies with higher quality components including die-cut counters but most of them are not. If you believe this game to have a professionally produced version, please contact us with your inquiry and we will help you to locate it if it does indeed exist.

Operation Weserübung: The Invasion of Norway covers the German invasion of Norway in 1940 during World War II. The game covers all aspects of the invasion, including land, naval, and air operations as well as the British and French involvement.

Operation Weserübung is a two-player or three-player game, with one player taking the Germans and the other player or players taking Norway and Great Britain/France. The game is regimental scale with each hex representing approximately 20-25 kilometers with turns representing four days. The combat system is roll-to-hit and the entire game system is based on the system from World War II in the West. This game is also a preview of what the system for World War II in the West: Ultimate Edition will look like when it is published in late 2007. Turn phases include the Air Phase, the Naval Phase, the Combat Phase, the Movement Phase, and the End Phase. The game includes everything from air interception to naval-air combat, from parachute drops to amphibious assaults. While the game strives to be an accurate simulation, the level of enjoyment and ease of play is also a priority.

In your game package you will find three 12 x 18-inch map sheets which are formed to create one 12 x 48-inch map (allowing for over-lapping), 240 mounted counters (in easy-to-cut strips), two 10-sided dice, a Player Aid Card, and a 20+ page rulebook containing all the rules needed to play and a detailed Order of battle.

The game is a medium to low complexity and should be easy to learn relatively quickly. The game can take approximately 5-8 hours to complete.