Wolf in Disguise

By: Linya Workshop

Type: Boxed Game

Product Line: Board Games (Linya Workshop)

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Wolf in Disguise
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Boxed Game


Wolf in Disguise is designed base on the 20th of Thirty-Six Chinese Strategies of War - ‘Hun Shui Mo Yu’. The fundamental of 20th strategy is to create a chaotic environment, then capture the enemy within. One popular example of the strategy is to stir mud in the pond, then capture the fish while it is misdirected or confused.

In the game, ‘Wolf in Disguise’, players will hide their wolves in the herd posing as one of the innocent and delightful sheep. While other player is utterly preoccupied and confused, wolf reveals itself and begins its wild buffet.

Now it is your turn. Let’s see if you are you the true master of Wolf in Disguise and the poor and lost shepherd soon will be ‘sheepless.’ Let the strategy begin!

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