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#325 "The Ruin of Arnor, The Colors of the Empire"

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#325 "The Ruin of Arnor, The Colors of the Empire"
Publish Year: 2007
Pages: 144
Dimensions: 8.5x11x.25"
Restockable: Yes
NKG part #: 2147880949
Mfg. part #: WD325
Type: Magazine



50 -Colors of the Empire
     • An in-depth look at Empire heraldry

88 -’Eavy Metal: The Empire
     • Behold the majesty of Man’s greatest realm!

108 -Soldiers of the Empire
     • Hobbyists paint models from the new Empire Battalion.

114 -Defend the Heroes of Our Past
     • A new scenario and scenery project for Special Features

118 - Slayer Sword Challenge
     • Winners from 2006 vie for top honors with new models.

Warhammer 40,000

70 - Warhammer 40,000 Tactica
     • Special deployment under the microscope

78 - Modeling Workshop: Leman Russ
     • A fresh look at this classic kit

124 - Vehicle Weathering and Damage Techniques
     • New methods for modeling and painting wear and tear

130 - The Space Wolf Great Company of the Barren Hall
     • Ted Nagel’s fantastic Space Wolves

Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game

26 - The Ruin of Arnor Design Notes
     • A look at the miniatures, the book, and the background of this new supplement

34 - Battle Report
     • Rangers of Arnor and their mighty Chieftain Arathorn confront a terrible trio of Trolls!

92 -Painting Workshop: Army Painting
     • How to get an army onto the table quickly

104 -Amongst the Ruins
     • Making a ruined Arnor watchtower

Games Workshop

02 - New Releases
     • The latest Citadel miniatures and more

14 - News, Events, Community Pages & Hobby Centers News and announcements from GW and the community

66 - Standard Bearer
     • Special characters and tournaments

76 - Citadel Toolbox
     • The pin vise

98 - Painting Masters
     • The models of Citadel sculptor Mike Anderson

122 - 2007 U.S. Golden Demon Painting Competition Rules
     • Rules for this year’s Games Day painting competitions