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#122 "The Games Pit and the Pendulum"

By: Kenzer & Co.

Type: Comic

Product Line: Knights of the Dinner Table Comic - #101 - #150

Last Stocked on 3/22/2023

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#122 "The Games Pit and the Pendulum"
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The Strips

• The Name Game
• A Pound of Pwnage and an Ounce of Pride
• Just for the Flaw of It
• Alarm Bells
• One-Two Punches

Gamemaster's Workshop
• The Grevans - Part Two by Jolly R. Blackburn
• The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Lavillia Galis, Lavil Galis, Madam Illia Galis
• Bait and Tackle: Generic Adventure Hooks
• All Things Magic: Earring of Administration for your HackMaster campaign by Ann McIntosh
• Rustlers of the Night: Luskin's Moldable Pudding by Barbara Blackburn
• Deadly Trappings: Haw's Headache by Ann McIntosh
• Dungeons Ready to Occupy: The Pool of Seven Moons: Map 5 in the Distant Realms series by Craig Zipse

• Player's Advantage: Druidic Battle Magic by Lloyd Brown III

Regular Columns
• Lost Game Safari: Dawn Patrol by Andy Miller
• Lookin' at Comics by Tony Digerolamo
• A Gamer's Rant on Movies Krull by Noah Antwiler
• Summon Web Scryer: Gamer Podcasts by Kenneth Newquist
• Geek Fu Action Grip The Year of the Game - Just Like Last Year by Mur Lafferty
• Disks of Wondrous Power: Expand and Conquer by Rick Moscatello
• Off the Shelf: Black Seas of Infinity: The Best of H.P. Lovecraft reviewed by Paul Westermeyer
• Board Squawk: Command and Colors by Nick Medinger

• Cries from the Attic
• Table Talk
• Gaming Report
• Game Vine
• Back Room at the Games Pit
• Weird Pete's Bulletin Board
• Brian's Small Press Picks: Castlemourn Player's Guide, Paths of Doom, HeroCard - Rise of the Shogun
• Parting Shots

Homebrew Strips
• T.M.N...K? by Noah Chinn
• Paradoxical Fun by the Brothers Grinn
• Fresh Squeezed by Jerry Duginski
• Unnamed cartoons by Indy, Scott R. Krol and Joseph W. Hellar

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