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Arx Fatalis

By: Arkane Studios

Type: Software (boxed)

Product Line: Computer Games (Arkane Studios)


Last Stocked on 1/30/2021

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Arx Fatalis
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Software (boxed)


Developer Arkane Studios' first release, Arx Fatalis, is a first-person RPG featuring hand-to-hand combat, spell casting, and exploration in the tradition of such classics as Dungeon Master, The Elder Scrolls games, and the Lands of Lore series. Generate characters with variable attributes including armor class, resistance to magic and poison, life energy, mana, and damage ability. Abilities such as strength, intelligence, dexterity, and constitution play a heavy role in influencing skills like intuition, ethereal links, object knowledge, magic, projectiles, close combat, defense, stealth, and more.

Interactive environments invite players to explore the vast world of Arx as they search out and destroy the evil menace threatening to lay waste to the world. Caves, caverns, underground passages and dungeons are filled with minions of the demonic army and can be cleared only with the use of hand-to-hand combat and a rune-based magic system. Mastering the art of rune casting is a central feature of Arx Fatalis, with more than 50 spells possible when combining more than 20 runes, each with specific effects, mana costs, and formulas.

Arx Fatalis is filled with hundreds of NPCs and enemies of all types, including trolls, goblins, rat-men, dwarves, spiders, the Sisters of Edurneum (snake-like women), mummies, lich, golems, demons, bats, dragons, giant worms, and the undead, among others. A vast arsenal of items, weapons, poisons, potions, and armor complement the magic spell book, scrolls, and enchanted items available. A full-color, glossy manual offers a tutorial for escaping your goblin cell, as well as comprehensive charts explaining leveling, experience, weapons, armor, spells, runes, and items.

For Windows.

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