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2006 Annual w/Toppling the Reich

By: Against the Odds

Type: Boxed Game

Product Line: Against the Odds - Special Issues

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2006 Annual w/Toppling the Reich
John Prados
Publish Year
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Boxed Game
Age Range
12 Years and Up
# Players
2 Players
Game Length
120 - 900 Minutes


"The enemy has committed a major blunder by continuing to fight west of the Rhine."
-- General Montgomery, January 21, 1945.

"I want him [von Runstedt] to hang onto the West Wall as long as humanly possible. Withdrawal will merely mean moving the catastrophe from one place to another."
-- Adolf Hitler, March 2, 1945.

“We’re going to go through them like crap through a goose!”
-- General George S. Patton.

Toppling the Reich is an operational level simulation of the fighting for the Rhine River and Westwall that occurred in 1944 and 1945. Designer John Prados transports his Panzerkrieg game system to the Western Front to examine the major episodes of this clash. Using scenarios, which can also be linked together to form a campaign game, he covers the entire war in France and the Low Countries from early September 1944 to the German surrender in May 1945. Players on both sides will be challenged with conducting offensive operations as well as desperate defenses.

Units are mostly divisions with some specialist brigades/regiments (engineers, commandoes, heavy or specialized armor units). Players can form larger Corps level formations that enhance combat actions. The air war is also covered with air units on both sides conducting air superiority, ground support, parachute and aerial supply missions. The game design is easy to get into, but loaded with much decision-making for both players. The level of supply and logistical support determines how many units and leaders can conduct operations in the turn.

Leadership on both sides, in the form of the various Army and Front Headquarters as well as the leaders from each, play vital roles in the various operations each turn. While the Allies can field a tremendous force across the entire front, the lack of ports and the Allied ever-lengthening supply lines will be a challenge in keeping the offensive moving. The German player will have less of a challenge in providing logistical support, but his already battered Wehrmacht, Luftwaffe and SS formations will face a hard time in fending off the enemy’s attacks while also gathering strength and resources for a counter-strike. Timing, planning, and making the most of the opportunities presented to you on the battlefield are key to success in this game by award-winning designer, John Prados.

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