Wildwood Campaign Setting

By: Bastion Press

Type: Softcover

Product Line: Oathbound (d20)

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Wildwood Campaign Setting
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Thomas Knauss, Darrin Drader
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The domains of man, elf, dwarf, goblin, and countless other species are well documented through racial histories. Their rise and fall from grace has made their homeworlds what they are today, carving out a historical footnote in the vast history of the worlds in which they reside.

But through all of this history, a haunting whisper will not fade from memory. The legends and stories of ancestors around the fire pits of our youth continue to haunt the land. Too terrifying to be reality, yet bound in such absolute truths that their existence cannot be tossed aside easily.

Dark legends reach out across the ages to speak of a forested land ruled over by the might of an ancient and powerful creature. Known as Haiel, he visits the shores of other lands to whisk away the brave and show them fear, experience terror, and prove their worthiness and cunning. Adventuring companies, villages, and even entire civilizations have been swept into the Wildwood.

The few pockets of humanity scattered throughout this untamed wilderness struggle to survive. Countless hordes of fearsome predators and foul beasts including the green dragon Mastuu Dargus freely roam through the twisted, overgrown forests and jungles of Wildwood, preying on the weak and unwary. Yet, concealed within the dense greenery of this heartless domain lies a wealth of undiscovered mysteries and limitless riches for those brave enough to navigate the endless gauntlet of horrifying monsters and lethal dangers. Behind it all is the harsh and cruel master of the lands, Haiel, manipulating all of those within his domain.

The sundered ruins of lost cities and strangely altered patches of wilderness conceal vast and wondrous earthly treasures as well as newfound insight on the world's secrets and the machinations of Haiel. Adventurers seeking to wrest mighty artifacts from their owners and unravel the enigma of this primordial domain must face the frightening denizens lurking within the shattered temples and ominous thickets of these forbidden locales. In Wildwood, one mantra reigns supreme: "Survival of the Fittest."

Wildwood contains more than 250 pages of material; everything you'll need to run or experience a Wildwood campaign on your own. Included in the book is:

• 5 new player character races and 6 new prestige races
• New feats, equipment, weapons, armor, and magic items
• 15 mysterious wilderness areas and 7 lost civilizations ready for exploration
• Additional rules for adjudicating pursuits and a new special attack
• Rules for the transplantation of body parts from one creature to another
• A 24-page adventure taking characters through the untamed woodlands of Wildwood into one of its most recent and unusual ruined cities.

For those of you familiar with the Oathbound campaign setting, you'll recognize Wildwood as the third of the seven domains of the world. This softcover provides a brand new entry-point for the world, containing everything a new player or GM needs to enter the world for the first time. Wildwood is a complete and standalone world that can be made even larger with other Oathbound products.

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