#5/6 "Hatsumi Base 2016, Supertechnology, The Great Train Wreck of 104"

By: Outpost Games

Type: Magazine

Product Line: Infinite Crossroads (Fringeworthy)

Last Stocked on 10/26/2019

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#5/6 "Hatsumi Base 2016, Supertechnology, The Great Train Wreck of 104"
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Featured Alternate: The Great Train Wreck - examines the effect an accidental capture of an entire train by a Warp has on two different worlds.
Hatsumi Base 2016 - six years after the discovery of the stationary portal beneath the ice of Antarctica, Hatsumi Base has grown into a huge complex inhabited by over 5,000 people and aliens, supporting a massive multi-world organization.
Fringe Travel for Dummies - how not to spend your vacation.
Life On The Road - Jade finally makes it to Hatsumi Base and takes us on a personal tour.
John Q. Public Interview - one of the original explorers returns from a self-imposed banishment to the Fringes and tells all.
Supertechnology - how to incorporate the incredible discoveries of the Fringepaths into a campaign.
Non-Lethal Weapons and Deterrents - a huge list of items designed to neutralize not kill your opponents.
Concurrent Technology - how standards occur and why they might remain consistant from world to world
World Conqueror's Credo - ok you want to rule the world, but watch out for these mistakes that have been the downfall of others.
Forum - James Buchanan reviews his personal Fringeworthy campaign and highlights his more successful adventures.
Mirror Mirror - everyone has a double somewhere. But looks can be deceiving.

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