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Diablo II Expansion Set - Lord of Destruction

By: Blizzard Entertainment

Type: Software (boxed)

Product Line: Computer Games (Blizzard)


Last Stocked on 12/20/2022

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Diablo II Expansion Set - Lord of Destruction
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Software (boxed)


The expansion picks up almost immediately after where Diablo II left off and features a fifth and final act in addition to two all-new playable character classes, more than ten all-new types of monsters, hundreds of new items and more.

The fifth act takes place around the barbarian town of Harrogath, which is under attack by the forces of hell - or more specifically, the forces of Baal, Diablo's brother. Even as you exit the town, you'll come under attack from nightmarish siege weapons, which look like barbed catapults that rain elemental artillery down upon your character. You'll also face demon imps and demonic minions and their overseers, who whip them into a battle frenzy. You'll battle massive ice creatures called frozen horrors, powerful blood lords and the undead rot walkers, who may clamber back to their feet even after you think you've killed them.

The two new character classes, the assassin and the druid, are both hybrid fighter-mages that seem to fit very well with the existing five character classes. The assassin is a female warrior whose skills comprise martial arts techniques, shadow disciplines and trap making. The martial arts techniques make the assassin a powerful melee fighter, while her shadow disciplines give her powerful and versatile magical attacks. Her traps are also effective, as they let the assassin cause widespread damage through enemy ranks. The Diablo II expansion's lead designer, Tyler Thompson, described her as being a more tactical character than the original Diablo II classes - she cannot cause direct melee or magic damage as readily as the barbarian or sorceress, but her attacks are ultimately no less powerful. In addition to her martial arts, the assassin also specializes in unconventional bladed weapons like claws and katars.

The druid is a tall, imposing character clad in furs. His skills are split up into elemental magic's, shape-shifting spells and summoning spells. His elemental magic's focus on cold and wind and can cause devastating damage through enemy ranks using naturally disastrous phenomena like tornadoes and volcanoes. The druid can shapeshift into various types of creatures, including a condor, a dire wolf and a mammoth bear - each of which has its own distinctive advantages. The druid's summoning spells can call forth a pack of wolves, a number of different familiars, a subterranean creature called a plague poppy and even a grizzly bear. The druid seems to have a balanced combination of direct damage and support spells.

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