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#7 "The Secrets of the Circle, The Lion's Cup, Druid Constructs"

By: Privateer Press

Type: Magazine

Product Line: No Quarter Magazine #01 - #50

MSRP $5.99

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#7 "The Secrets of the Circle, The Lion's Cup, Druid Constructs"
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The Hand of Fate
Six pages of comic detailing Leto's coup to gain the throne from his tyrannical brother, King Vinter IV.

You can replay Cygnar's fate in The Lion's Coup, three historic WARMACHINE scenarios featuring models of Prince Leto, King Vinter, and Royal Guard Stryker.

The Cavalry Has Arrived!
Feel the earth tremble under you feet as iron-shod mounts charge into battle to bring death and destruction. Andy Daniels reports on the tactics and strategy of employing the Cryx Soul Hunters, Protectorate Exemplar Vengers, Cygnar Storm Lances, and the Khadoran Iron Fang Uhlans.

It's A Trap!
Learn how to build battlefield hazards and traps. Use them in your game with new rules from Superiority developers Jason Soles and Rob Stoddard. Mike and Ali McVey put some character into the new characters of WARMACHINE: Superiority and share their painting tips with you.

Laden with Luck.
Go inside one of Five Finger's most notorious casino and nightspots, the Laden Galleon. Petition the King of Ord in "Baird's Court" or try your hand at the tables with games of chance found in the Iron Kingdoms.

And A Lot More
Fall under the gaze of the Woldwatcher, gear up your Bodger, and prepare yourself for the conclusion to Apotheosis' Conquest, Crusade, and Conviction. Someone

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