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Action Stations

By: Minden Games

Type: Ziplock

Product Line: War Games (Minden Games)

Last Stocked on 2/8/2023

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Action Stations
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ACTION STATIONS is a tactical naval combat game which uses the BATTLESHIPS AT WAR game system, specially modified to account for capital ship warfare during World War I. The game comes with 20-page rulebook, two Reference Cards, three "modules," 136 individually rated ships (in color on heavy stock), a sheet of 76 merchant ships/destroyers, game markers, and several scenarios. Ships from Britain, Germany, France, Italy, and Austria-Hungary are provided, and represent the dreadnought fleets of these countries.

ACTION STATIONS uses a series of "modules;" additional modules will be made available in the future, covering additional countries (such as Russia, Turkey, the USA, etc.) and additional pre-dreadnoughts, armored cruisers, and light cruisers of all nations. As previously mentioned, the ACTION STATIONS game system is very like BATTLESHIPS AT WAR and THE MIGHTY HOOD
(published in Panzerschreck #14), in that it simulates naval combat on a ship-to-ship basis using procedures familiar to miniatures, except that the game emphasizes playability... no endless lists of die-roll modifiers here!

All the major game tables fit on a single 8.5" x 11" Reference Card. Each capital ship is individually rated for firepower (bow, broadside, and stern guns), flotation, armor, speed, and "special characteristics" involving fire control, deck armor, and the use of torpedoes. You'll be able to see, at a glance, the strengths and weaknesses of each ship. Most of the ships included are dreadnoughts and battlecruisers, although some pre-dreadnoughts, armored cruisers, and light cruisers are also provided. Scenarios include Dogger Bank, Coronel, Falklands, Goeben vs Battlecruisers, Jutland, Free Form Mediterranean (depending on whose side Italy joins), Merchant Raider, and, of course, Design Your Own options.

ACTION STATIONS includes the standard game plus the first three game modules. Players new to this type of wargaming may focus on the basic rulebook, which emphasizes battlecruisers and smaller actions (such as Dogger Bank and Coronel). The Jutland 1916 module adds special rules and a Jutland scenario. The Mediterranean module does the same for countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea. Finally, the Merchant & Destroyer module provides new rules and scenarios involving merchant ships (including armed merchants), and rules for incorporating destroyers into scenarios.

Everything you need to play is included; you may want to "expand your fleet" with the purchase of future modules, but even if you don't want to expand, Action Stations is a full, stand-alone game that will provide hours of World War I naval fun. As with BATTLESHIPS AT WAR and THE MIGHTY HOOD, ships must be mounted and cut out prior to play.

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