Towns of the Outlands

By: Midkemia Press

Type: Softcover

Product Line: Fantasy Supplements (Midkemia Press)

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Towns of the Outlands
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Author's Introduction:

Towns of the Outlands was designed to fulfill two basic needs, the need of Gamesmasters to fill their campaigns with detailed hamlets and the need for more urban scenarios which are fully populated and adventure ready. These towns and villages can be placed into many different locations in almost any campaign and are written with optional histories and settings so they may be easily adapted to any campaign in any gaming system. They are also fully populated and indexed, with many potential adventures arising from the characters' interaction with local characters.

The types of towns presented, a desert oasis, a seacoast/river smuggling cove, a northern trading center, a tribal hillfort, a woodlands roadhouse, and a mining camp were chosen to allow diversity. Several can be placed relatively close to one another, as most campaigns possess deserts, seacoasts, arctic regions, valleys, woods, and mountains. Information is provided in each individual introduction as to the locality required of each town. The characteristics of the non-player characters are given as per the Tome of Midkemia rule system (to be published possibly in summer, 1982). However, it should be relatively easy for Gamesmasters to convert these characters to any game system being employed. It is suggested the given level of each character in a town be tried first, then adjustments made if needed.
Indexes are provided for all six towns. The stable levels and inn levels are as per THE CITY OF CARSE, and CITIES, published by MIDKEMIA PRESS.

Most importantly, we hope TOWNS OF THE OUTLANDS will become a valuable part of Gamesmasters’ libraries, giving hours of entertaining gaming and providing campaigns with population centers without the need of long hours of preparation.

Includes ix towns of various sizes:

Qum-al-Nashir - A desert oasis by Wesley M. Divin.
Winter Creek - A smuggler's cove by Russel Young.
Birka - A northern trading center by Richard A. Edwards.
Oswestry - A tribal hillfort by Richard A. Edwards.
Morrison's Roadhouse - A woodland crossroad by Wesley M. Divin.
Goldcrest - A mining camp by Russel Young.

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