Book of the Unliving (Revised Edition)

By: Visionary Entertainment Studio

Type: Hardcover

Product Line: Everlasting, The

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Book of the Unliving (Revised Edition)
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Steven Brown
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Dear mortal, join we who have gone beyond death, for every night is Samhain and our dark celebrations begin anew. This night is young and there is much mortal pain left for our pleasure . . . and not all of our victims are as willing as you.

Ghouls have emerged from their graveyard catacombs. Whirling widdershin around bonfires, their yowls and moans lament the blackest form of immortality. Solomari alchemists hawk elixirs, while Ghaddar fleshmongers trade living bodies to dead souls seeking undeath. Human-looking Faitour are feasting on recent burials and talk of the last pilgrimage to the Underworld through the Labyrinth of Iblis. Other ghouls are rounding up the most uncontrollable of their own mindless kin for slaughter.

The revenants are gathering in an antebellum mansion, playing at Byzantine imbroglios. All see the shades of long dead confederate soldiers and bloodstains on the walls that no mortal's eyes could. It is All Soul's Midnight and some of the fleshbound ghosts are dancing waltzes and minuets while others feast upon the lifeforce of duped mortal lovers. An abaddon, grim reaper and agent of death, moves among them as one of their own, ready to take any one of them kicking and screaming back to the Underworld.

Our Midnight Cathedral is filling with blood-drinkers and mortals. Members of various covens have joined the dark festivities and soon the bloodletting will commence. Heartless metallic keening pulsates from the blasting speakers, while the dark angels already present are singling out their prey.

Come and be with us, but remember . . . the night has its price.

Join the darkest of the immortals with The Everlasting: Book of the Unliving, but beware sundown and the horror it brings.

Contains basic rules, character creation, and horror aspects of the Secret World, the modern day setting. Includes ghouls, revenants, vampires, Frankenstein monsters, ghosts, the Underworld, and the earthly secret world. Includes guidelines for legendmaking, roleplaying, storytelling, gamemasterless options, communal characters, dream control, and much more. Fully compatible with other foundation books; it even includes basic descriptions of all character types and setting aspects described in full within other foundation books.

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