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#314 "Warhosts - Gaming in Middle-Earth, Warriors of the Fire Caste, Lords of the Karak Ankor"

By: Games Workshop

Type: Magazine

Product Line: White Dwarf Magazine #301 - #350

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#314 "Warhosts - Gaming in Middle-Earth, Warriors of the Fire Caste, Lords of the Karak Ankor"
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Battle Under the Earth
Dwarfen terrain projects, an underground scenery generator, and a mini battle report

Lords of the Karak Ankor
Updated rules for classic Dwarf special characters

Scenery Workshop: Building a Dwarfen Hold
Terrain-building instructions and a sneak peek at this year’s U.S. Games Day display table

Modeling Masterclass: Building a Dwarfen Oath Stone
Tips for modeling this new upgrade for Dwarf characters

From Concept to Reality: Grand Army of Cathay
Showcasing the latest mad conversions from prolific modeler Dave Taylor

The Way of the Necrarch
Tactics for the armies of the creepiest of Vampire Counts

Painting Showcase
Featuring models from last year’s French Grand Tournament

New & Improved
Suggestions for updating an old force, with emphasis on the Tau

The Greater Good: Tau Design Notes
Notes and sneak peeks at the new Tau models and rules

Battle Report: Death on Kol’n
The Tau take on the Dark Eldar in a Loot and Plunder mission.

Warriors of the Fire Caste
Modeling, converting, and painting Tau Fire Warriors

Fists of Dorn
A showcase of Crimson Fist models

Scenery Workshop: Industrial Cooling Tower
Instructions on how to build this simple but remarkably effective terrain piece

Molding Metal
Conversion and painting ideas for plastic Necron Warriors

Loot, Pillage & Plunder
Collecting the Variags of Khand

Khandish Chariot
Modeling and painting tips for this fantastic new model

The Wrath of Keiseimu
A new campaign pitting Khand against Gondor

Warhost Showcase
John Shaffer’s Khandish warhost

Army of Cirith Ungol
Creating an army of Orcs, Wraiths, and Shelob

Delving Deep
The final part of the Warhost campaign series

Turn 1: News and New Releases

Weird Tools for Weird Jobs
Suggestions for a few unconventional hobby tools

Paint Flow & Brush Control
Slayer Sword winner Tom Schadle discusses painting techniques.

GW Hobby Centers and Events

Echoes from the Warp
“Dirty Steve” answers your letters.

Bitz & Pieces
Featuring warhosts for The Lord of The Rings

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