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Evolution Starter Deck - Yugi

By: Konami

Type: CCG (Box)

Product Line: Yu-Gi-Oh - Starter, Structure & Special Decks (Upper Deck)

Last Stocked on 5/27/2017

Product Info

Evolution Starter Deck - Yugi
MFG. Part #
CCG (Box)
Age Range
6 Years and Up
# Players
2 Players


The latest and greatest starter decks in Yu-Gi-Oh!, the Evolution decks, contain 50 cards- one half of the cards are from popular booster cards, and the other half of the Yugi or Kaiba Deck, depending on which deck you choose. Each Evolution deck features 3 new cards unique to each deck. The experienced gamer will likely want to pick up a deck just for these awesome cards. The new cards in the Yugi and Kaiba Evolution decks are versatile, and can be put into different decks (Exodia deck, Grave Keeper's deck, Warrior deck, Ritual Monster deck, or Dragon deck).

These decks also feature all-new packaging artwork. They are a must- have for both collectors and players! With the arrival of Kaiser Seahorse, Blue Eyes White Dragon enthusiasts get a major power boost!! Kaiser Seahorse effect: This monster counts as two tributes when using it as a tribute to summon a Light Main Type Monster.

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