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Warrior Pack - Amr ibn al-A'as

By: Tri King Games

Type: CCG (Pack)

Product Line: Anachronism (Set #5)

MSRP $6.99

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Warrior Pack - Amr ibn al-A'as
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CCG (Pack)


A contemporary of the prophet Muhammad, Amr ibn Al-Aas initially fought against Islam, but was converted to the Muslim faith by An-Najaashiy in Abyssinia. Leading the Arab invasion of Egypt, Amr achieved a relatively bloodless conquest of the lands to the east of Cairo. With a stronghold established at Misr al-Fustat, “The Tented City”, the first mosque on the African continent was built, reputedly on the site where Amr had pitched his tent. He then led the conquest of Alexandria in 642, aided by the Coptic Christian population, who suffered frequent persecution at the hands of Alexandria’s Byzantine rulers. Although unquestionably one of the most successful Islamic commanders of his time, divisions remain today as to his worthiness. Use Amr ibn al-Aas, commander of the faithful, to achieve victories on the sands of the Anachronism arena that will last through time.

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